Is silence better or the return of tenants..?

Hello Bazaaris! Hope the past month has gone well. We have seen a lot of things change recently. The one matter that picked up quick pace is the stop work notice that has been issued to SBUT. It has been over a month that any construction work made progress in Bhendi Bazaar.

On August 27, after a debate in the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly, BMC’s Rajesh Dholay issued the notice that claimed irregularities in the redevelopment project. Ever since, nothing moved on sites and the notice is like a speed breaker, not just to the construction work on the sites but also on the road to our bazaari’s dream homes. The views on the streets of Bhendi Bazaar are quite different. One of the fellow bazaaris and a shop owner said, “Abhi accha shaanti hai, koi shor nahi hai. Jitna late hoga shuru itna accha.”  On the other hand, was another tenant of Al Sa’adah, who said “Yeh kya chal raha hai pata nai, bas jaldi shuru ho jaye toh accha rahega kyu ke hamare hi rishtedar, dosto ke liye behtar hai ke fatafat shift ho jaye idhar.”

BMC has not sent any investigating officer to the SBUT office or site to probe the ‘irregularities’.  One month since the notice was issued, SBUT has complied with BMC, but they have not taken any action on the claims. Tenants stand in strong support of SBUT and recently in a newspaper, Shabbir Bagasrawala, whose family is living at the transit camp at Mazgaon said, “All three flats that my family is supposed to get are in the second phase. There are thousands like me who are eagerly waiting for their new homes and suddenly they [BMC] issue a stop-work notice. We want to know what went wrong. They could have issued a stop-work notice if there were problems.”

All the tenants are facing inconvenience and want to move in as soon as possible magar masla ke bagair kuch nai hota.

Aapke khayal kya hai? Niche bataye. Kya aapko lagta hai ki yeh ek political masla hai ya SBUT officials ki nazarandaazi?

Aa ke miliye to sahi
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