J.J Signal: Traffic Woes and the Never-Ending Chaos

Hello Bazaaris! Kaise ho aap sab? 2024, a new year has begun, but some problems from the previous years haven’t been solved yet. Aap sab toh jaante hi hai Mumbai ka traffic kitna bada issue hai, lekin yeh J.J Signal ka masla hi alag hai. Yaha signal bhi proper working condition mein hai and traffic police bhi bohot mehnat se yaha par traffic control ke liye present hai par, yahan ka traffic kabhi bhi sudharne ka naam hi nahi leta. Chaliye aaj iss ke baare mein charcha karte hain!

Yeh shikayat humaare mohalle aur uske aas paas ke logon se hai, jaise hi signal red ho jaata hai, log signal jump karte hain. Koi helmet pehen ke nahi ghoomta yaha. And then comes the big problem of rash driving. People drive so fast after jumping the signal, that causes inconvenience to other vehicles, drivers and pedestrians. Khaaskar woh bikers hain jo signal tod kar aage badh jaate hain, aur aise mein unki laparwahi se kayi baar traffic jam hota hai. Then, there are the hand carts and bicycle riders who blend intothe traffic and slow it down creating traffic jams. Jab government ne rules and regulations banaye hai, as responsible citizens humein unhe follow karna chahiye. Have you experienced this on the road, please share your views in the comments.

Ab west side ki baat kare toh, the junction is also not a particularly great spot. Yahan koi divider nahi hai, because of this, traffic becomes unavoidable daily. Log apne lane mein nahi rehte hai, which creates difficulty on the roads, and people stick to each other’s bumper to move forward.  Aur issi kaaran se, honking ka bhi ek bada issue hota hai. Iske chalte, peaceful traffic movement mushkil ho jaati hai aur log pareshan ho jaate hain is noise pollution se.

This is a major challenge for a safe traffic environment. Humein lagta hai, in sab problems ko solve karne ke liye, humein ek saath milke kaam karna hoga, aap ka kya kehna hai? Traffic police aur hum sabhi ko apne responsibilities par dhyan dena padega to restore good road conditions, better traffic management and overall citizen behaviour. It was a commendable effort where few weeks ago Mumbai Police and students initiated a ‘No Honking’ drive at junctions of Bhendi Bazaar and under the JJ flyover. Magar kya aapko lagta hai isse kuch faraq parha hai? Bazaaris, tell us in the comments about your experience of the JJ signal and the measures that can be taken to change this? Tab tak apna khayal rakhiye, we will be back with more interesting stories.

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