BMC officials in Bhendi Bazaar! Aisa toh kya hua hai?

Tensions rose in Bhendi bazaar as BMC officials reached in a grey colour bus to take out illegal encroachments in the area. Shopkeepers were taken by surprise as they approached shops. The first shops visited were the famous Tawakkal sweets.Passer-bys gathered as the BMC officials were there.

Passer-bys said that illegal encroachment by shops twere taken away and other shops were warned that by their next visit, no illegal encroachment will be allowed. As the garma garam khabar and gupshup spread across bhendi bazaar, other shops started to close their shutter or move their stuff into the shop.”Illegal encroachment has been a norm in Bhendi Bazaar for years”, said one who didn’t mention his name. Another Mohammed Salim said, ” Sab dukaan waale aur hawker ka apna setting hoti hai, toh kuch faida hoga yeh sab ka ke nai, mujhe toh nai lagta.”Aise bhi sunne mei aaya hai ke in the near future, BMC officials might visit Bhendi Bazaar to penalise shops for not keeping Marathi signboards above their shops. Kya aapko lagta hai illegal encroachments khatam hoyega apne mohalla mei? Or will shopkeepers again encroach the roads until officials raid the area .

Aa ke miliye to sahi
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