PAANI ki TAKLEEF, Al Sa’adah ki nayi Taareef

Spice up your mornings with this hot news related to the iconic Al-Sa’adah. The recent update says that around two hundred and fifty families have moved in and are experiencing the state of art living in the transformed Bhendi Bazaar. Yet what happened a couple of days ago was not expected to happen this soon. 

The residents faced an acute water shortage, in fact, no water supply. A group of residents were seen outside the building raising the issue to the facility managers. They had to approach MCGM and then water tankers rushed to the area to facilitate people with some water, at least to keep the day going. The environment at Al-Sa’adah was tad bit grave with heated arguments going on and then why not!? Water is the most basic amenity one would seek after in an Uber society in any urban area. People react a lot and demand instant sorting whenever a society faces water supply issues. 

Some of the ground research from our end made us aware of a few facts behind this incident. MCGM can be considered as the main culprit, primarily because they have reduced the diameter of supplying pipeline significantly which has reduced the water supply quantity drastically as compared to what used to be in earlier times. Also, the force of water is not that great in the time slot when the MCGM releases the water, hence the quantity required is never met. The residents have to rely on the water supplied through tankers to which also the MCGM doesn’t agree to bear the transportation. MCGM even denies providing more than 2 tankers, let aside the transportation. Sources even say that SBUT is buying personal tankers to bridge this issue, which surely is the whole and sole responsibility of MCGM. 

 Secondly, the infrastructures which cater to more than 500 families have a high magnitude of water supply force because this force has to be further distributed to the pipeline of each and every flat. But when only a few flats are operational then the force is distributed to just those pipelines increasing its magnitude which sometimes leads to bursting of pipes and leakages of valves resulting in wastage of water. Blocking supply at once and seeking repairs is the only way out. Even brand new infrastructures with quality-controlled pipelines can also face this because at times nothing can resist the force of water. Similar must have been the scenario this time.

The good part is that the entire residents have not moved in yet. Only a few had to face this problem and we hope it will be completely resolved before all the residents move in. Also, every new construction demands its settlement period where a few glitches are natural, which only helps for further improvement. Our insider tip for the residents is to raise their redressals to the MCGM rather than protesting to facility managers of the building. The former shall prove much more helpful. Nonetheless, SBUT must give immediate attention to this issue and leave no stones unturned to get things back on track and sort out the water issues because summers are not far. If this is the case now then the summers would definitely doom with even darker days for the residents. Just hoping for the best to happen and stay tuned to know much such hot news from us. 

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