Kya Haal Hai?

Very warm greetings from team charche and today we are here not to discuss any blacks or whites but solely to wish each one of you the best of health and extend our support in these difficult times.

The pandemic has hit the globe hard and everyone is experiencing something which they were never prepared for. The victims of COVID-19 are struggling between life and death whereas everyone else has been bought to a standstill. A sudden break which has shook everyone off the usual lifestyle and work. Bhendi Bazaar is silent with no hustle bustle. The country is in lockdown mode which highly prompts us to say that even all the complaints, discrepancies and worries about the Bhendi Bazaar project have also been locked down in a Pandora Box. Now is the time for self introspection, time for analysing, time for planning and time to ponder over every issue in a broad horizon at both the ends. We are particularly grateful that Al – Sa’adah has had residents shifted already or else the lofty tower had been haunted totally.

Bhendi Bazaar is always crowded and abuzz with life, which is a major concern in these challenging times of social distancing. Keeping in mind the contagious nature of COVID-19, we request each one of you to stay home and not get swayed by any means and violate the norms. Residents of Al-Sa’adah are also expected to do their own bit to fight against the deadly COVID-19. The list of dos and donts is well circulated and we won’t repeat it here but we would rather just request you to keep the panic mode off and turn on the vigilance mode. Together we can make Bhendi Bazaar a safe vicinity and contain the spread of this virus amongst our brethren and neighbourhood.

There is a lot we heartily miss about the gatherings and eateries and crowded shops of Bhendi Bazaar, and so do we miss our kulhad of tea and around the table gupshups but the problem around us is real big and the world has not yet found solution to it. So folks do take care and stay safe by staying home.

Zinda rehne ke liye faasla zaroori hai
Ek saath na betho agar jeena zaroori hai

Also, stay tuned to know how this pandemic has affected the ongoing Bhendi Bazaar project.

Aa ke miliye to sahi
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