Kya Bhendi Bazaar Mein Pandemic Khatam Ho Gaya Hai?

Eid Mubarak Bazaaris! After a month of fasting from dawn to dusk in the holiest month of the year, we are all excited to meet our loved ones and share a moment of joy and festivities. However, should this be at the cost of risking their health and safety? 

Today your BB-Khabri is here only to drop a reminder that the pandemic is not over yet! The khabar is that last evening hundreds of Baazaris were spotted gathering by the market again, some even without their masks on. Going against the rule of social distancing- not only compromising their own health, but also people around and against the larger interest of the city. Our very own Bombay continues to fight the pandemic and we are all committed to doing our bit- and that starts with being home. 

This last one month has been one of doing good for the community we live in, supporting the affected and their families, sharing meals made with love and feeling immense gratitude. As we continue to show this support, let us remember that stepping out only when zaroori, maintaining social distance when out, wearing masks and staying sanitized may seem like small efforts, but they will go a long way in bringing back a city free of the virus. 

Stay safe and your trusted khabri will keep bringing to you updates from the streets of Bhendi Bazaar!

Aa ke miliye to sahi
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