Fasting followed by feasting at apna mohalla – Bhendi Bazaar

Ramazan 2022

The days of Ramazan is a time of fasting, and the enlightened nights for feasting. Ironically, it is a time when foodies descend on the lanes and bylanes of Bhendi Bazaar to savour the most tasty offerings after Iftar. The choicest of sheek and shami kababs, bheja fries, gurda kapuras, chicken tikkas, mutton chops, baida roti and kheemas, etc, are available. All freshly made right in front of your eyes.

Delicious juicy tikkas, and seekhs.

You have to literally push your way through the huge crowds that clog the roads during the holy month. The smell of attars from Lucknow fills the air. For those with sweet tooth, there are , phirnis, malpuas shahi tukdas, gulab jamuns, mango, faloodas and the famous Imam Sherbat.

Firnis, Handchurned Taj ice cream, and Imam Sherbat

Of course, the choicest of meetha and magal paans are also available late into the night. The mosques are brightly lit and everyone is in a festive mood. Unfortunately, the Chinese fever has caught up with the Ramzan spirit as well. So you have stalls selling chicken fried rice with schezwan sauce too, a local resident, said: “The young generation prefers Chinese stuff. It doesn’t know what it is missing.” So come join us this year for the Ramazan feast every night from sunset open till 4am, and do tag us while enjoying your feast. Do let us know your experience in the comments below.

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